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Lessons I have Learnt From Four Years in College!!!

A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library. - Shelby Foote
These are a few lessons I have learnt and experienced in my four years of college and hostel life.

Philosophical lessons:

1.       There is something for everyone: School is where the cliques are. In college people are a lot more chilled out, everyone has something that they can do, whether it is chatting with friends, playing cards, great computer skills or high management qualities. No one is an “outcast.”

2.       Live and let live: by the end of four years in college, you know that you cannot please everyone. Neither can you expect them to behave like you would want them to do. The sooner you learn this, the more peaceful your college life will be.

3.       You may not be the one you thought you were: college will help you discover part of your personality that you never thought have existed. It’s all about learning and unlearning things. You may have a clear-cut idea about how you wish to spend your days when you enter college, but trust me, the plan never works.
Don't dare to fool your Professors

4.       Don’t pretend: four years is a lot of time to know others and to see right through those who are pretentious. Pretending to be someone else you are not doesn’t take you too far

5.       The friends you have when you leave college are the ones that matter: when you join college, your group consists of about 15 ‘good’ friends, but by the end of it, you will be left with 6 or even less of them.

Real- Life Lessons:

1.       You cannot fool your professors. They have seen hundreds like you. They do this for a living and can see right through you.

2.       There are tons of ways to have fun. Getting sloshed puking through the night is not the only one of them.
3.       It’s okay to refuse something. And most often unlike popular belief nobody pressurize you. Even if you are around people who try to coax you into doing something you don’t like, be assertive and say “no”. Don’t cave. 

4.       Coffee is your best friends before exams.
Coffee is your best friend during EXAMS!!

5.       Your best friend from fifth semester might not be your friend in the sixth semester.

6.       Network. It always helps if you know a lot of people.

Practical Lessons:

1.       Never have alcohol on an empty stomach.
No Alcohol

2.       Always remove your make-up before going to sleep. Especially if you have a friend staying over who has a habit of taking sneaky pictures.

3.       Always check for your phone and purse before leaving a friend’s house or a party.

4.       Canteen food everyday will not only burn a hole in your pocket but also in your stomach as well. Bringing food from home occasionally is not a really bad option.

 If you have something to add to this list please comment or contact me. Lots of love and enjoy reading.