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Why First Year Of The College Is The Best!!!!

A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.- Theodore Roosevelt
Nothing can beat or bring back the feeling of the first day you step into your college, your home for the next few years. There is a little bit of nerves and a whole lot of anticipation for those stepping out of the comfort of their schools into a whole new world that is college. But this is also the time when you discover new things, make new friends and have a whole lot fun. Here are a few reasons why first year in college is the most special:
1.       After school, college is like a breath of fresh year: no fixed uniform, no bar on coloring your hair or showing off the tattoo you’ve got. The new found freedom in college is an amazing feeling.
2.      You get pampered by your seniors: being the junior-most has its perks. You get pampered by seniors ready to show your ropes, give advice regarding classes, as well as occasional treats. Ragging is a thing of past (on most campuses), thanks to the strict laws, so there is nothing to be afraid of.

3.      Teachers mark your answer scripts quite leniently: for a change, most teachers are quite benevolent with marks, allowing you to settle down, unlike in the second or third years.
4.       You can get away with a lot of things: the leniency of some teachers also carries over to ignoring things like bunking classes and playing on your phone in class. All the rules, whether carrying your ID cards or adhering to the dress code (for some colleges), are a little more lax for the first few months because you are new.
5.       You have two more years before you must focus on your future: once in college, you can afford to relax for the first year before the pressure of internships or learning new languages or choosing a career path. The board exam is usually tough, so for a change take break from your worries.
6.      Canteen food will still taste delicious: you will fall in love with the canteen food to the extent that you will treat your friends on your birthdays at canteen instead of at KFC. However, by the time you are in third year…well, let’s not spoil it for you guys.
7.     You like everybody in college (well, almost): the first year is paradise when it comes to friends. You hardly know each other to start clan wars. Enjoy it. In time you’ll find out who your true friends are.

      Lots of Love and enjoy reading...
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