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Denied: How to make Uncrackable Passwords

Online safety and privacy is as important as your physical safety. There are some unethical and intelligent people, known as hackers, who could crack your passwords as easily like opening a bottle. They have some tools which enhance their powers but the most used logic of theirs is: Guessing. Yes, first they study their target and then proceed with their plans. In this post you will learn how to create perfect-unbreakable passwords.

Now day’s people don’t really try to understand the priority of online safety. Hackers can crack your online bank account and can make you broke!! Or they can get hold of your Facebook account and just disrupt your personal life.

But people without understanding the priority choose some common used words. In a survey it has been proved that the most used words as passwords are “password” or they occupation like “chrisanalyst” and believe me the hackers can crack these. People many times use names of their relatives like wife, kids or girlfriend. 
Remember: Longer passwords doesn't mean that you are safe. Unique passwords prove that.
coomon passwords

For example, once while my brother was away I tried opening his laptop which was password-protected. I knew his girlfriend’s name, Catherine. I tried cracking the password with various combinations and finally I SUCCEEDED!! And the password was…wait for it… “catherinedarling”. 

So, in this article you will learn how to create perfect-unbreakable passwords:
First before starting make an easy-to-remember sentence like: My favorite footballers are Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Lionel Messi.
It is better if you create a sentence with about 10-12 words. For making a password and remembering it you just have to remember this sentence.
  •  Then take one letter from each word, it can be the first letter, last letter or first vowel. You can even create your own combinations like the third letter etc. But I am going to choose the first letter from each word, which are: mffacrdbalm.
                                           Password: mffacrdbalm

  •   Then change some lower-case letters into upper-case letters. I t will make your password more difficult to crack. It’s easier to remember if you choose some pattern for it, like the first two letters and then the fifth and sixth letter. I usually choose this method.
                                            Password: MFfaCRdbALm

strong passwords
  •       Then add some numbers in between. These too in a particular pattern and somewhat related to the words. For example: Cristiano Ronaldo wears a jersey of #7 whereas Messi wears one of #10. Adding these numbers will make the passwords more unique.
                                             Password: MFfaCR7dbALm10

  •      Then add some punctuation marks or some special signs Like: @ # $ %  & *. These are just some more techniques for making invulnerable passwords. You can add these marks in the original sentence if you find it hard to remember. Again following a pattern makes it easier but yet it is difficult to guess a password like this one.
                                              Password: MFfaCR@7dbALm@10

Do you think any of your friends or relatives can crack a password like this one.

Write the initial sentence somewhere personal so that you don’t forget it. Now this password looks difficult, you can add your own techniques to them. You can make more sentences like ‘Manchester United was the best club in the word, 11 but now it is Real Madrid. So, the password I get from this sentence is: $MUwtcithw11bnii$RM. 
If you have any suggestions to improve this list please leave a comment and help save many people form being hijacked online.

See, it is so easy to make strong passwords. Passwords are an integral part of our online as well as our offline life. You should know how to make strong- uncrackable pass words. Remember; never make your “Facebook” password as “Facebook”. Being safe online is what is more important than being popular online.